Secrets to Win for Beginners

Las Vegas is home to many vices. Las Vegas has the highest concentration of strip clubs in a small area. Las Vegas has mobile billboards advertising prostitution (illegal in Las Vegas by the way). The number one vice in Las Vegas has remained the same since day one. Gambling is what builds the massive casinos and keeps the lights on.

Table Games Such as Craps Have Been Trimmed Down by Major Corporations in Las Vegas

As Las Vegas enters the age of large casino resort monopolies, table games, especially craps, have been cut back in most of the larger commercial casinos to give way to the much more profitable and easier to manage slot machines.

Of all the table games in the casino, craps has the least edge for a casino. In fact craps only has a 1.4% advantage over the player. When a player uses the pass line and takes odds behind the pass line the casino edge can decrease to a minimal .21% if there are 100 times odds behind the pass line bet.

Beginners need to learn from the start, to have a stop/loss and stop/win amount in their head when they walk up to the table. This will help a new player learn how to walk away after a slight loss or a predetermined win. That’s why online casinos are better at this like They don’t have the pressure in going to tables like in a conventional casino.

For a new player learning craps, it is best not to spread too much money around the table on exotic bets. Play the pass line and odds bets and learn how to play the numbers that are at the top of the layout near the bank.

For now, play simple and ask the dealers as much as possible to learn the game. Remember there is nothing to fear from dealers, they need players to learn the game and play or they are out of a job.

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