Florida Lotto

The Florida Lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in the US and is played by people all over the country. It is a government-run lottery in the state of Florida, which has a variety of online and scratch card games.  Ever since its introduction, many new games have been added to the Florida Lottery, which have helped to increase its popularity amongst citizens.

The Florida Lottery was formed in 1988 by the government of the state of Florida. It was in 1986 that the Governor Bob Martinez and the Florida Legislature decided to set up this lottery in order to raise money for improving the education system in Florida. The Florida voters authorized this move by making a constitutional amendment. The main purpose behind this lottery was to maximize the revenue for educational system in Florida and at the same time to provide best lottery games to the public. So far, enough revenue has been generated by the lottery to accomplish this goal.

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The first game of the Florida Lottery was Millionaire, which grew immensely popular. It had almost 95 million sales, which was a lottery record at that time. Later on, many online games were also introduced, which could be played over the internet. This lead to an even greater increase in sales and made the Florida Lottery an industry leader.

The first online lottery introduced by the Florida Lottery was the Florida Lotto. It was introduced in April 1988, along with another online game known as Cash. The first tickets were sold on April 29, 1988 and the first drawing was held on May 7, 1988. The Florida Lotto was originally played by selecting 6 numbers out of a field of 49 numbers. The cost for each play was one dollar and the drawings were all held on Saturday nights. 6 numbers were selected each time and those who could match 3 or more numbers could win the lottery. Those players who had all six numbers won the jackpot, which was paid to them in 20 equal installments that were given annually.

The Florida Lotto is a type of a mutual winning game, in which the prizes are dependent on the total number of tickets sold as well as the number of winners for each prize level of the game. If such a situation occurs that no ticket wins the top prize pool then that pool is rolled over to the next week.

The prize structure of the Florida Lotto Online was revamped in 1993, so that the jacket pool could be increased. After the changes were made, the pool was increased to 6 million. This new structure was followed till 1998 but after that, another change was made. The winners were then allowed to receive their winnings in a lump sum rather than annually. More changes were brought about in the following months. The total number of annual payments for the pool was increased to 30 from 20. This actually made the Florida Lotto to artificially increase their advertised jackpot without actually making any change to the amount of cash winnings.

The most major change to the Florida Lotto was made in October 1999. The total numbers in the field were increased from 49 to 53, which increased the difficulty of the jackpot. Also, a mid-week drawing was added to lottery and from then on, drawings were also made on Wednesdays. In 2008, another feature was added to Florida Lotto, known as the Lotto plus. In this feature, players were allowed to increase their wagers by 2 or 3 dollars. In 2009, the Florida Lottery introduced a new game by the name of Powerball, and this affected the sales of Florida Lotto.

Any US citizen, who is 18 years or above, can play Florida Lotto online. This excludes those who are employed by the Florida Lottery or are the immediate family members of these employees. The winners are not allowed to remain anonymous, because the rules state that the identity and address of the winner will be provided to any interested third party. Any unclaimed prize money is used for education enhancement in the region and other developmental works.

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