The Customer is Always Right

The best time to get comped is always going to be during the week, but that doesn’t mean its impossible on the weekends. If you are turned down, thank the casino host for their time, and ask for directions to the next casino. Quite often they’ll do what they can to make amends, and if not, you’re off to the next place which will no doubt be of comparable quality and entertainment.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Comps

You don’t have to be a high roller to be treated like royalty in a casino. You are the most important guest on the gaming floor, and you’re entitled to be treated like such. Never hesitate to communicate your needs with casino staff, they’re there to be helpful. Free meals are the easiest comp to come by, so save your money for spa treatments and the gift shops. At the end of your visit, be sure to communicate with guest services just how grateful you were for their care and consideration. Get the names of management level staff, and thank them personally. Before your next visit, give them a courtesy call and let them know you’re returning. You’d be surprised how generous casino staff can be when they know they’ve won your repeat business.

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