Video Poker

The Video Poker game is quite similar to the classical slot machines; however, the video poker is considered to offer out a better payout percentage. The judgment tactics and the video poker strategy are more challenging and require a lot of gambling experience. In this piece of writing, we will discuss how to play video poker in such a way that you can guarantee yourself higher percentage payouts.

First, you should understand that winning video poker game almost always offers higher percentage payouts than slot machine games. You will just need to provide a positive video poker strategy into the game. Now you should join a slot club at the casino. The advantage to become a slot club member is that they get benefits on the amount of the money that they are playing through the achiness. These facilities include free meals, event tickets, and staying rooms.

Moreover, the slot club benefits have monetary value. So insert your membership card into the slot machine and then insert the money that you are playing for in the slot machine. The video poker machines have a money range usually from 25 cents to $5 so you need to keep in mind the limit of money you can play for before you insert money.

Select the number of coins that you will want to wager on each hand in the game. If you play with maximum number of coins, you always get to reach a better percentage. For instance, if you have an option to choose to play between lower or higher denomination machines, you should go for the lower denomination one, as it will make you earn more coins per play.

One you have bet, you can press the deal button. This deal button will make you deal 5 cards in order to make a poker hand. Now it depends on you to decide which cards you will like to discard, and which cards you will like to keep. Now press the deal button again and the cards that you do not need will be discarded away.

Keep notice of how much your hand is paying you out. The paying out for each hand is displayed above on your monitor screen. Keep repeating the same steps until you are not interested to play anymore.

While these tips should be applied to play video poker, there are some other useful tips that can further increase your chance of winning video poker. You should start to play from Jacks or Better first. This is because many video poker strategic considerations are actually variations of what you are learning from Jacks or Better.

Conclusively, it must be said that you should not play with the money, which you cannot afford to lose. Casinos usually offer advantage, which can result in not getting the exact amount of money for which you played. However, this may be compensated if you play on long-term basis. So avoid playing ‘just for fun’. Play it only if you want to continue it for long durations.

Insurance in Blackjack

Insurance in Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games, which is reflected by its omnipresence at virtually every major casino around the world. It is a card game that is fairly easy for even beginners to learn, and studies have shown that the player has some of the best odds to win against the house during this game. Insurance is a relatively complex concept within the game of Blackjack, and requires some understanding of the basic game to grasp. This guide will walk the reader through some core concepts of the game that will help elucidate the philosophy being incorporating insurance bets without different rounds of Blackjack.

Core Concepts Behind Blackjack Bets

The rules for Blackjack are fairly simple at its core. The dealer will dole out two cards to every player, with the first card being traditionally dealt face down and the second face up. For future reference, the face down card is usually referred to as a “hole card”. The players can look at their cards to see their opening hand before any bets are placed. The objective of the game is to get as close to or on a sum total of 21 based on the cards the player holds in their hand. If the player lands exactly on 21, this is known as a Blackjack hand and is considered the best possible combination of cards in the game.

Bets are placed at multiple times throughout each game, and insurance in Blackjack is one method of placing such a bet. Traditional Blackjack bets are placed down after the initial hand is dealt, and may occur again as additional cards is being passed around to players. These rules may vary at different casinos around the world, but the core concept is typically the same.

Why Should You Place an Insurance Bet?

After the initial hand is dealt, players will have the option to hit or stand. Standing involves keeping the hand as it is, after which the total will be compared to other players. If the playing chooses to hit, they will be delivered another card face up for other players to view in addition to the face card in the opening round.

Insurance comes into play in the game when the initial hands are dealt, but before the dealer has revealed their own hole card. The main concept of the bet is that the dealer has blackjack in his hand. The bet specific revolves around the dealer’s hand, and will be won or lost independent of whatever hand the player has ready.

Strategies for using Insurance in Blackjack

In most casinos, an insurance bet pays off at a ratio of 2:1. This means that however much money the player puts down on the bet, he will double that amount in winnings if the dealer is holding a blackjack hand. If this is the case, you may see the payoff written somewhere on the table at which you’re playing the game. If you sit down at a Blackjack table in a casino, you may see something on the table that says “Insurance pays off Two to One”. This would be your cue that an insurance bet will pay off at the standard rate.

In most versions of Blackjack, this is considered a relatively risky bet that has a low chance of payoff. This is because landing exactly at 21 (to hold a Blackjack) is a rare occurrence for any player, and the dealer is no different. Therefore, it is rare that you’ll see this type of bet placed in most games and isn’t usually considered a smart move to make for novice players.

Finally, more experienced players may understand subtle cues that an insurance bet may be appropriate in a game they are playing. For instance, when the dealer is showing a face card that is visible to players and it’s a high value card (such as a 10 or a King), then players may assume that the dealer is holding a pair of cards that comes close to getting a Blackjack. If the player suspects the dealer is holding Blackjack, then it would be a good idea to place an insurance bet. This will allow the player to hedge his main bet and prevent a total loss. This is the core concept behind placing an insurance bet, because ideally it will minimize losses during a round where dealer holds an unbeatable hand for the player.



There are many reasons that Rummy is one of the world’s most popular card games. Perhaps the most important one, though, it’s that it’s so easy to learn how to play. Here are the rules of the game.

The dealer deals each player ten cards from a standard 52-card deck. The other cards are placed in the middle of the table, face down. The top card is then flipped face up right beside the face-down cards.  This is the first of the discard pile. Players are given a chance to re-organize their cards, and then play begins with the person to the dealer’s left, and continues clockwise.

Dealing Cards in Rummy

On each player’s turn, they either pick up a card from the top of the face-down deck in the middle. He can either claim the card or discard it in the face-up pile. Alternatively, the player can pick up as many cards from the discard pile as he wants. If he takes more than the top card, he is forced to immediately play the card that is buried deepest in the discard pile; he then keeps the other cards in his hand.  The player is allowed to play any cards in his hand before he ends his turn.  At the end of his turn, he discards a card.

Starting the Game of Rummy

The object of the game is to dispose all your cards by a combination of melding, lay off, and discarding. Their two kinds of melds, sequences also known as runs, and groups, also known as sets or books.

Below is an example s sequences or a run, It consists of at least four cards following one after the other with the same suits.

Below is an example a group, set or book, it consist three cards of the same rank, and different suits.

In Rummy, Jokers are considered wild cards. The Joker can be any card that you desire, red or black, it doesn’t matter. For example say you had an Ace of spades, Ace of diamonds and a Joker. It’s your responsibility to call the Joker as an Ace of heart or Ace of clubs.

“Laying Off” Cards in Rummy

Laying off is any card that a player has picked up can, on his turn, be added on one of his own sequence or group, or he may add it on a sequence or group  that is being built by someone else.

Here are the card combinations that can be a lay off as from your hand or you opponent’s hand.


This is when you have 3 cards with the same rank, but different suits. For instance, you can play a set when you have the 7 of hearts, 7 of clubs and 7 of diamonds.  You can add to it if you get the 7 of spades. Likewise, someone else could add to this series if he got the 7 of spades before you.


This is 4 or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order. For instance, if you got 3, 4, 5, and 6 of clubs, you can play a run. Likewise, if someone else got the 2 or 7 of clubs, he could play it on your series. View image below for better understanding.

The hand is done after one player has put his last card on the discard pile. However, any card that can be played, either on one of the player’s own series of cards or someone else’s, must be played rather than discarded.  Once the hand is finished by someone putting his last card in the display card, everyone counts their points. Play continues until someone reaches 500.


After the hand is ended, you count points in this manner.

Face cards and 10s are worth 10 points.

Aces are worth 15 points, unless it’s part of a run with a 2 and 3, when it’s worth 5.

All other cards are worth 5 points.

Any card left in your hand must be subtracted from the score. This means that a significant strategy is to try to discard your last card while other players have several cards still.

It might sound more complicated than it really is. Once you’ve played your first game, you’ll see how simple the game really is!

How to redeem bonus codes

How to redeem bonus codes

So what happens once you receive a poker bonus code? You will utilize your poker deposits in four speedy steps. First, you register with your account on website, tracked by making an authentic money purchase; then receive a 25% Free Play Bonus, even better, you get a 25% free play bonus every time you a deposit.


Once the arrangement has acknowledged the poker bonus code as accurate, your money will be certified into your bonus account, and while also allowing you to consider and view the number of days you have to produce it on the same page. For those who desire to view their pending poker bonus should hit the deposit bonus segment. It is nevertheless worthwhile to add that your poker pending bonus is free from your standard balance.

What are Reload Bonuses?

Well! Reload bonuses are supported on your earliest purchase made in the reload bonus point in time. Any purchases made following the first purchase, within the moment in time, will not be appropriate to entertain bonus money, unless if not specified.

So how do you earn out my bonus money? Straightforward, when you have bonus funds sitting in your pending bonus balance, you can receive it back by playing in actual money ring or competition games.

When you participate for actual money, you will make Frequent Player Points (FPP). Each FPP that you receive is worth $0.06 near your bonus. Once you have produced $10 worth of bonus cash, the funds are disconnected from your Pending Bonus account and added to your standard balance.

Supplementary Bonuses Opportunities at website.

If someone is presently earning a bonus, they have the prospect to be given an additional or reload bonus, will not only adjoin the bonus sum to your existing pending bonus balance, but will give you an additional 90 days to clear the total bonus amount from your latest sum. proposes a big-hearted initial time deposit bonus as well as reloads bonuses to recompense their dedicated players. As the temperament of these bonuses is to prize players when they put additional funds, players who pull out funds during a bonus phase will have the total of their withdrawal deducted from their buy-in sum. The player will collect a bonus on the left over balance. If the balance is negative, no additional benefit will be granted.